Crocodile Quickly Crunches Hen Walking Through Croc-Infested Exhibit

crocodile eats hen

Walking through this area was unquestionably the worst decision that hen ever made.

We’ve seen a lot of bad decisions by wildlife as of late. Though they may not have all happened recently, all of the videos are currently circulating on the internet. Whether its a deer jumping into a lion’s den, or young ducklings getting gobbled up by a bear, wild animals are not having a good time entering into enclosures.

The only time we’ve seen it actually work out (miraculously) was when a goose landed in the home of a gorilla at a Kansas Zoo. But that footage has proven to be an outlier amongst all of the other examples. Things definitely didn’t go well for this hen that found itself wandering through what appears to be a crocodile exhibit.

With crocs all around in the water and on the banks, the hen slowly and carefully inched by an 8-foot crocodile that was laying out. I hate to break it to this chicken, but it wasn’t fooling anyone. The crocodile was side eyeing it the entire time, and had a plan to enact when the time was right.

Once the hen got close enough, the crocodile violently snaps its body backwards and crunches down on the fowl. It’s a gruesome and brutal way to go, though it at least appears that it didn’t struggle. One second it was a hen methodically making its way past a croc, and the next second it was crocodile food.

Zoos and other facilities typically don’t feed their animals live food, so there’s a good chance this hen had just wandered in and was simply at the wrong place at the worst possible time. I mean, that’s gotta be a horrendous way to go out for a chicken. A really bad day for the hen, but on the flip side, a very easy and delicious meal for the crocodile.

Check it out:

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