Dumb Dude Arrested After Calling Police To Have His Drugs Tested for Authenticity

Drum roll…


These stories are getting too good. According to CNN, Douglas Kelly, 49, from Hawthorne, Florida, called the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, police said, asking them to test the drugs he bought a week earlier because he wanted to press charges against the person who sold them to him.

Apparently, he smoked what he though was meth, but felt weird, and thought “this may not be meth.” So he called the cops. Guy knows his meth!

“In an effort to ensure the quality of the drug the suspect purchased, detectives told Kelly if he came to the sheriff’s office they could test the narcotic he purchased,” the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

He was arrested and charged with possession and booked into the Putnam County Jail. This is the face of a man who made an oopsie…

* image via Putnam County Sheriff’s Office