Zach Bryan Says He’ll Be Releasing His ‘Belting Bronco’ Sessions As An Album

Zach Bryan
Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan continues to deliver new projects for the people.

Fresh off his Grammy-nominated self-titled album and subsequent EP titled Boys Of Faith, Zach has continued to tease newly written songs on social media, but he just dropped the scoop on what I assume to be the next project he will release.

A fan tweeted (or posted or whatever) to Zach asking if we’d ever be able to hear all of the Belting Bronco recordings on streaming services, to which Zach answered:

“Yes! Once we get the next few done, going to release them as a project!”

Honestly, this is one of the most exciting things I’ve heard in awhile, because some of those performances were truly, truly incredible.

It was these recordings that introduced me to Kat Hasty and Jonathan Peyton with his wife Abigail. Who can forget Charles Wesley Godwin’s band playing on the back of a flatbed racing down the highway, JR Carroll playing while parked by a backyard fire, or the original recording of Oklahoma City?

He also basically said there’s a few more sessions in the work and I’d love to know who he’s gonna pull out for those. Historically he was taking under the radar artists to record, but given he’s now one of the biggest stars in the genre it’s very possible we get a Jelly Roll, Noah Kahan, or honestly who knows who else.

Regardless, anytime it’s easier to listen to stripped down, raw music like this I’m going to be a fan, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store and to finally be able to throw that on repeat on Spotify.

If there’s one thing you absolutely can’t say about Zach, it’s that he doesn’t give fans enough new music…

Charles Wesley Godwin

Oklahoma City

Kat Hasty


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