Charles Wesley Godwin Delivers Knockout Performance Of “Strong,” “Jesse,” & More For Zach Bryan’s ‘Belting Bronco’ Series

Charles Wesley Godwin country music

Zach Bryan’s legendary Belting Bronco series is officially back, with the first full length installment since March 2021.

And this might be the best one yet.

As everyone saw in the teaser video Zach posted to Instagram this past week, in which he casually declared, “Belting Bronco is back,” this fifth episode features his touring buddy and country music up-and-comer Charles Wesley Godwin.

Godwin, who’s one of the best the country music genre has to offer in his own right, has finally begun to get some of the recognition he deserves as a musician. Playing massive venues before Zach and constantly being featured on his social media sure helps, but this has been a long time coming from the Morgantown, West Virginia native.

Zach intros the video:

“CWG and his band came out and played every song live. They are the most chill with it I’ve ever seen; it has been an absolute humbling experience to meet him and to grow to respect him.

For the fifth Belting Bronco, Charles Wesley Godwin and The Allegheny High.”

Playing some of his most popular songs to date, Godwin can be seen in the back of Zach’s ol’ Bronco, with his full band, The Allegheny High, supporting him on top of accompanying trailers, getting started with “Strong.” An ode to perseverance and American distance-running legend Steve Prefontaine, “Strong” has become a fan favorite off of Whiskey Riff’s top album of last year, CWG’s 2021 masterpiece, How the Mighty Fall.

“Strong” was followed up by “Jesse,” another How the Mighty Fall hit. Then, before you know it, a special guest joins Godwin for a duet on “Jamie” in the back of his own Bronco. Talk about a performance.

The video wraps up with an acoustic set on the tailgate in a picturesque setting that you need to check out for yourself.

I think everyone can agree, we’re not going to get tired of the Zach Bryan x Charles Wesley Godwin content. Keep it coming.

Charles Wesley Godwin already has a run of shows announced for the beginning of 2023, so while Zach stays away from touring for a while, make it a priority to catch one of them. He’s keeping many of them in the family, too, with Zach Bryan band member J.R. Carroll slated to open up several of the shows.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Zach Bryan’s Belting Bronco series, this one with Charles Wesley Godwin is the fifth installment, and the first in over 18 months, of a series in which Zach invites other artists and friends to play some of their music in the back of his old Ford Bronco.

Most recently, Jonathan and Abbey Peyton were featured as a bonus installment of sorts, while before them, Kat Hasty played “Where the Wildflowers Lay” in the fourth episode, Slade Coulter’s in the third with “Take it out on Me”, and J.R. Carroll played the second installment with “Stay.”

Zach Bryan himself played the inaugural episode, over two and a half years ago in July 2020, with my personal favorite song of his, “Oklahoma City.”

Check it out here:

Who will join Zach for the next Belting Bronco episode?

I guess he only knows, but I sure hope he keeps this series going.

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