Jelly Roll & Post Malone Make Appearance at Koe Wetzel’s Riot Room Ahead Of ACM Awards

Jelly Roll and Post Malone

The stars have touched down in Texas for ACM week, and some are making sure to live it up leading up to the ACM Awards tomorrow night. With rehearsals taking place all week and kick-off events, many famed faces in country music have arrived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

And while most will stick to Frisco or Dallas during the awards festivities, last night, Jelly Roll and Post Malone made their way over to Fort Worth to check out Koe Wetzel’s Riot Room.

I bet this is the only time you’ve wished you were out at a club on a Tuesday.

While Koe Wetzel and his team roll up to the West 7th Street bar often, it’s a special treat when you get those not local to Texas making their appearance.

“A wild Posty & Jelly Roll spotting last night.”

The short video clip shows Jelly and Posty exchanging words at the back of the bar. Later, the bottle girls bring out a sign displaying lyrics from Post Malone and Morgan Wallen’s hit “I Had Some Help.”

After this celebrity sighting, one can only guess that Koe Wetzel’s Riot Room will be packed in the nights to come with those hoping to snag a picture or an in-person look at some of their favorite country stars. Who knows, maybe even Koe Wetzel himself might show up.

And speaking of “I Had Some Help,” give it a listen:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock