Zach Bryan Teases New Unreleased Song: “No Concern For Politics, Come On Home I’ll Check For Ticks”

Zach Bryan country music
Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan might just be the most proficient songwriter the country music world has ever seen.

As a fan, you always want to hear new music from your favorite artist, and Bryan seems to roll out new stuff like it’s a monthly subscription, and a valuable one at that.

Zach just released his self-titled (and self-produced) album back in August, his fourth studio album which featured the likes of Sierra Ferrell, Kacey Musgraves, the War and Treaty and the Lumineers.

The project was incredibly successful, and ultimately showcased the country superstar that is Zach Bryan.

You would think that he might take some time to kick back afterwards, but instead, he’s been busy touring, and it appears he’s been preoccupied churning out new music.

Bryan posted a teaser for a new, unreleased song to his social media accounts, which isn’t out of the norm for the country artist. He often shoots videos of just him and his guitar to keep fans engaged with new songs he’s working on.

In the clip, Bryan first sings:

“Let me die out in the boons
It took me 13 years to bloom
They broke up and he’s alright
Be in town til late tonight
Let me die out in the boons.”

From the initial listen, the song that could eventually be titled something with the word “Boons” in it (we’re guessing) sounds like another emotional cut from Bryan, which very well could be considered his best lane when it comes to songwriting.

He certainly let’s the emotions fly as he continues:

“I f**king hate a hungry crowd
Worst of ’em all talk the loudest
I guess I’ll say my peace and die right here
With a hammer and a beer
Let me die out in the boons.
And how I miss the Kwik Stop line
Cause they say hello every time
No concern for politics
Come on home I’ll check for ticks
Love me deep out in the boons.”

Rhyming “politics” and “ticks” (a couple of blood suckers) is pretty clever, and the lyrics might raise some eyebrows with Brad Paisley fans. His song “Ticks” also features a famous lyrical line including the parasite, singing “I’d like to check you for ticks.”

Probably just a coincidence, and probably just another song that Bryan fans can’t wait to be released. Check it out:

Hey Alexa, alert me when Zach Bryan makes an announcement about a new song dropping that has to do with the boons, politics, and ticks.

Fans are flooding the reply section of his post with support, and are obviously telling the “Something In The Orange” singer to drop the song as soon as possible:

That last reply seems a little aggressive, but knowing Zach Bryan, it won’t be too long before country fans get to blast this song through any speaker that can reach maximum volume.

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