Chris Stapleton Teams Up With Jennifer Hudson, The War & Treaty, And His Wife To Sing “Loving You On My Mind”

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The Jennifer Hudson Show

One of the most underrated duets in all of music is Chris Stapleton and Jennifer Hudson.

They’ve only worked together a couple of times, but when they have, the chemistry is absolutely undeniable. You might remember when the pair sang together at the 2021 CMA Awards and might as well have literally blown the roof off of the place. That shouldn’t be all that surprising with the vocal power that both Stapleton and Hudson possess.

So when the country star stopped by The Jennifer Hudson Show this past week (it’s hard to keep track of all these daytime talk shows, isn’t it?), it was only right that they rekindled the performance fire that they got started three years ago. As you very well already know, Stapleton can easily carry a song by himself. But when he stopped by the show to perform a song from his newest album Higher, the “White Horse” singer ended up having plenty of help.

Chris was joined by his wife Morgane Stapleton (as he always is), along with the up-and-coming stars known as The War and Treaty (Michael and Tanya Trotter) to sing his new(ish) track “Loving You On My Mind” from his Higher record. Stapleton and company had the song covered from all vocal angles for the first half of the song, or so viewers thought…

After a killer guitar solo from Stapleton, Jennifer Hudson walked out on the stage to join the performance, and the powerful sparks of the Stapleton-Hudson duet immediately started to fly.

More please.

I feel bad for the beautiful vocals of Morgane Stapleton and The War and Treaty. They had some time to shine in the song, but everything was pushed to the wayside when Jennifer Hudson walked out to harmonize with Chris. I don’t think I’m alone in asking for Hudson and Stapleton to work more together.

Just look at some of the social media commentary:

“Can Chris & Jennifer sing a couple more duets? They sound so good!”


“So much soul. What a great duet!”

“This is that sunset riding music. Whew!”

“Chris and Jennifer blend so well with each other it’s actually crazy.”

If you want to take in the full performance of “Loving You On My Mind,” you can do so at the link below:

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