Tough Love: Mama Bear Pushes Her Cub To The Ground In Alaska

Mama bear and cub
Taylor Thomas Albright

Mothers know best… and they apparently know some pretty good wrestling moves too.

I’m sure a lot of moms out there (happy belated Mother’s Day) can relate to reaching a breaking point with their kiddos, just like this mother bear did in Alaska. Her cub was trying to provoke some playtime, and doing so evidently got on the mother’s nerves.

Mother bears generally care for their cubs for a little over a year. Typically, they raise their offspring for 17 months or so, and once they are ready to fend for themselves (and the mom is ready to mate once more), the mothers separate themselves from their cubs.

That might seem a little sad, but it’s moments like the one shown in this video that make you think, “Good for that Momma Bear.” She can only do so much for the little bruins, and in opportunities where the cub wants to play, the mothers can use them to help teach the art of fighting.

Like all mothers, each mother bear probably goes about doing so differently. The one in this video decided that the best way to teach her cub how to fight, albeit a play battle, is to be the enforcer. So when the cub jumped to try and take a playful swing at its mom, the bigger bruin effortlessly extended one of her paws and pushed her kiddo down.

It might look like she’s playing rough, but she’s really just teaching her kin a lesson. That, or she really was fed up with the antics of her little one and opted to send it a very clear signal that playtime was over. Regardless, the cub will be better off afterwards (it’ll either know how to fight better, or know when to stop bothering its mom).

And shoutout to the song overlay on this one. I usually tend to prefer for nature videos to just have original sound, but this was a tasteful addition of the 90’s hit “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba, considering what was happening in the video itself.

Check it out:

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