Shed Hunter Looks Up To Find Monster Mountain Lion Staring Him Down

Mountain lion staredown
Viral Hog

They say you can tell by what a predator is thinking by the look in their eyes. It’s a crazy thing to think about, being close enough to a notorious killer and being able to see the look in their eyes that tells you that you are possibly on the menu.

Mountain lions operate like a thief in the night. They will come out of nowhere, quiet as a mouse, and wait for the right opportunity to absolutely ruin your life. They say don’t take your eyes off them because that’s when it’s all over. Watching them hunt however is incredible in the few rare videos that pop up. They take down their prey almost instantaneously, grabbing ahold of their neck and going for a quick kill.

They are massive and incredibly elusive, rarely being seen by humans, and that’s purely by choice. The fact something can remain so hidden is scary on its own right. Typically, they avoid human interactions as much as they can. But, every once in a while, they come out and will even target us…


They also say if you do spot one, it’s already seen you, and this man unfortunately had one of the most freighting encounters out there. He was out searching for deer sheds and setting up trail cams near Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada, when he felt like something was watching him. He was right…

He looked up and spotted a cougar staring directly at him only about 60 feet away.

The video shows the monster tom staring him down with a clear look of interest in its eyes. If you look close enough you can almost see the dinner bell ringing inside them. The cougar gets with 50 feet at certain points during this standoff, and the shed hunter attempts to scare the cougar off multiple times before he can finally sneak away completely unharmed.

“I was out on a walk looking for shed antlers and setting trail cameras. I looked down at a shed antler and was taking pictures when I felt something watching me. I looked up to see the cougar starring at me at 20 meters.

I attempted to scare the cougar away 3 times. The cougar returned and finally, after a 3rd attempt I was able to slowly walk out of the area to safety, no cougars were harmed.”

This one makes the old skin crawl a little bit just thinking about what could have happened.

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