Zach Bryan Features Rising Star Kat Hasty In Latest Episode Of ‘The Belting Bronco’

We told you Kat Hasty should be on your radar and it looks like Zach Bryan agrees…

Zach invited Kat to be the latest guest in his YouTube series The Belting Bronco, where musicians cruise down some old backroads performing songs in the back of his old Ford Bronco.

There happened to be a big snow storm (where hasn’t it snowed lately?) when this was recorded, and let me tell you, the 4-wheel drive and the fresh powder looked like it made for one helluva snow day.

Kat performed her song “Where The Wildflowers Lay,” a story of a girl who fell in love with a ramblin’ man and is stuck missing him after he left, just like he promised.

I really love what Zach is doing lately. Not only does he continue to grow his own rabid fanbase, but he’s shining the spotlight on other rising artists like Kat, as well as his buddy JR Carroll, who appeared in Episode 2.

Most recently, his The Belting Bronco series featured Texas artist Slade Coulter.

Wonder who will be next?

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