Watch This Tigerfish Leap Out Of The Water To Catch A Low-Flying Bird

tigerfish snags bird

Fish are picking birds out of the sky now?

If you’ve ever got a largemouth to leap out of the water and inhale your topwater than you know it’s just about the best feeling in the world. But have you ever seen a fish jump out of the water to catch a bird? Prepare to be amazed.

Tigerfish are only found in Africa. There are a few different subspecies, including the goliath tigerfish which can grow to over 150 pounds, but most weigh in around 8 pounds. Known especially for their wicked smile, these guys sport mouthful of sharp teeth which they use to hunt smaller prey and when they bite down, it’s game over.

Naturally most of their diet consists of fish but this video shows that tigerfish are more than capable of expanding their diet when opportunity knocks.

Taken by Lukulu Fishing Lodge in Western Zambia, this clip shows a large tigerfish leaping out of the water and swallowing a low flying wire-tailed swallow whole.

I mean what? We’ve seen pike eat a ducking or two but those little guys were floating on the water’s surface. Picking a bird straight out of the air is impressive to the hundredth degree.

Looks like I have to add a tigerfishing charter to the bucket list now…

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