Kevin Costner’s Estranged Wife Christine Baumgartner Vacations In Hawaii With His Friend

Kevin Costner
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The divorce between Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner has been messy (to say the least), and I’d guess that Baumgartner going on a Hawaii trip with one of Costner’s friends right in the middle of it will only make matters worse.

Christine caught the Yellowstone star off guard when she served him with divorce papers, and ever since the news broke back in May, the story has been a constant source of twists and turns, and most importantly, drama.

First it was that Baumgartner wouldn’t move out of the house after saying she wanted to split, then it was her asking Costner for almost $250,000 in child support per month. A judge has since ordered her to move out by the end of this month, and also ruled that Kevin would only have to pay half of the amount she asked for to Christine each month.

A source close to the Costner family even came out and said that the Yellowstone star would be trying to make his estranged wife’s life “a living hell” throughout the divorce (just like John Dutton would do), but with this recent Hawaii trip with one of Costner’s friends, it appears that Christine is turning the tables on Kevin.

Baumgartner has fled to a fancy resort in Hawaii with Josh Connor, who is a financier and a close family friend who has lived near the couple’s home in California. It is believed that Connor is also recently divorced and has had a friendly relationship with Christine and Kevin, though I’m not sure Kevin would feel the same now…

Sources told TMZ that Josh Connor and Christine Baumgartner have denied any sort of romantic relationship between the two of them, and that they are simply taking the trip as good friends. Yeah, I’m sure, I know plenty of “good friends” that have traveled to Hawaii together before.

Regardless, Christine better enjoy the vacation, because when she gets back, she’ll have until the end of July to vacate the family home. And that’s not all…

A very critical hearing that will happen soon will officially determine the validity of the prenup that the couple entered into before their marriage. If determined valid, Baumgartner would be financially responsible for the attorney fees that Kevin has incurred, and would also have to pay back $1.5 million that Costner gave her to find a new place.

Good thing she went ahead and took a vacation…

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