This 2018 Picture Of Luke Combs & Post Malone Proves The Duet They Teased Has Been A Long Time Coming

Luke Combs Post Malones country music

This picture needs a comeback.

We are fully living in the era of country Post Malone, and the public cannot get enough of it. With Posty’s collaboration with Morgan Wallen dropping tonight, we are finally getting a twanger from Malone that isn’t a country cover (but yes, we are still blaring “Pick Up Man”).

While I might be in the minority on this take, I patiently await the release of his collaboration with Luke Combs. I am sure that “I Had Some Help” will be one of the IT songs of the summer; the music he has teased with Luke Combs is right up my alley.

Back in February, Malone posted a video of him vibing to an unreleased track he and Combs worked on, and it sounds like it’s also gonna be a heater:

In March, Combs and Malone were back in the studio again, but instead of highlighting some of the music they were working on, Malone shared some images of them just being guys and having fun. While it seems Combs and Malone were new-found friends, some fans might be surprised that these two go way back. Post Malone and Luke Combs have been buds since 2018.

The baby-faced musicians should have collaborated back then, but I will take them teaming up six years later than nothing at all. I think our Instagram caption still rings true over half a decade later.

“CMT Crossroads or…”

I’d still kill for an episode highlighting these two.

While this image isn’t as long-coming as Post Malone’s crossover into country music, it is still super neat to look back and see him laying roots with prominent artists from so long ago.

Back in 2015, though, Malone noted that when he was turning 30, he wanted to become a country/folk singer Talk about a long time coming… 9 years later, and we are finally getting this side of Posty.

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