If You’ve Never Seen A Python Climb A Tree, It’s Equal Parts Amazing & Terrifying

Python climbing a tree

A climbing nope rope is a huge NOPE from me.

When I tell you, I think my TikTok For You page was really trying to trigger me today… this video popping up on it did just that. As someone who has a crippling fear of snakes, this will unlock a whole new level of nightmare fuel for you…

But I will admit, after I took some deep breaths and did some research on this… it is impressive.

When I think of a snake climbing trees, one would think that they just slither up the trunk of the tree. Just like this black rat snake. Is it still terrifying if you were on a walk in the woods and saw this? Yes. But it at least is how one would assume that snakes get up into the branches of trees.

However, one python species wraps itself fully around the tree trunk, wrapping itself up the tree like a chain being thrown on an oil rig—and it’s absolutely terrifying.

A social media user from Southeast Asia posted a TikTok video of a python climbing a tree, which has gone mega-viral on the platform since.

@nadikandarat pelek tapi benar#fyp #fypdongg #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound – nadikandarat

However this is not the first time someone has captured a python climbing a tree like this. Last year, a similar clip went viral on Twitter of a Reticulated Python. 

“If you didn’t know, this is how the Reticulated Python climbs a tree. This sped-up footage really demonstrates how snakes are just a muscular tube.”

Thankfully for us residing in the United States, a Reticulated Python is native to South and Southeast Asia, so we hopefully will not see any nope ropes doing this while you’re on a walk in the woods.

Social media went wild after seeing this video, and you know the commentary is golden. Check it out.

“He paid attention to physics class.”

“‘The Jungle Book’ is real.”

“I’d pass out if I saw that in real life.”

“Imagine being scared of seeing a snake on the ground, so you climb the tree to get away, and it starts doing that.”

“He used to work on an oil rig. Old habits never die.”

“That noodle is speedy.”

“Imagine hiding from the police in the tree and seeing a snake coming at you like this.”

“Wait, ‘The Jungle Book’ wasn’t lying. They actually do that.”

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