The Internet Is Obsessed With This Toddler’s THICK Boston Accent

kid with Boston accent

Who doesn’t love a young kid with an accent? Most of the time, I feel like the internet falls in love with a kiddo or toddler with a thick twang, but it’s not too often you hear a toddler with a thick accent from the North go viral. That is until now.

A social media user shared a TikTok video of her daughter asking her mother to take her to the park. However, as soon as that word leaves her mouth, you know immediately she is raised in Boston.

With over 1.2 million likes and close to 10 million views, it’s safe to say everyone is a BIG fan of this Boston baby. The mother sits in a rocker with a newborn and asks her daughter where she wants to go. The little girl looks at her mother and confidently answers.


Talk about the long-drawn out vowel. She then notes that she wants to go “walhhk” in the “pahhk.” The little girl sounds like she has lived in Boston for 45 years… in the heart of Southie. While the toddler’s accent is adorable, you can hear where she gets it from, as the mother has a thick accent as well. It clearly runs in the family.

Naturally, the commentary is gold when a video like this takes off. Take a look before firing up this video.

“‘Pahhhk’ you could also take the cahhh – I’m from Maine – love her!”

“The people need more Boston accent toddler.”

“But the ‘Where you wanna go’ is cracking me up. Pot meet the kettle you made.”

“Oooooohhh, a mini Masshole!”

“The accent is too cute and the tiny feet at the bottom!”

“My daughter is 9 and is just losing her Boston accent. We are from California.”

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