Kevin Costner Ordered By Judge To Pay $129 Thousand Per Month In Child Support

Kevin Costner
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Things between Kevin Costner and his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner have been pretty ugly since they filed for divorce back in May.

One of the points of contention is that Christine has not left the family home after she served the Yellowstone star divorce papers, even though the prenuptial agreement they entered into 18 years ago said she would be required to leave by a certain time.

Just recently, a judge ordered that Baumgartner would have to vacate the home by the end of July, ruling that the prenup was indeed valid. That was a big win for Kevin, but a recent revelation proves that it won’t all be smooth sailing for Costner once the relationship is officially over.

Though it isn’t the initial staggering price that Christine was asking for of $248 thousand dollars a month, a judge tentatively ordered that Costner will be required to pay Baumgartner $129 thousand per month for child support.

According to the legal documents that were obtained by TMZ, the judge handling the celebrity couple’s divorce gave the temporary ruling, which could change after upcoming hearing, but most likely will stay at that number.

So not necessarily a win for Costner, though it was half of what Christine requested.

An accountant for the Yellowstone actor recently stated that the original $248 thousand dollar figure included over $100 thousand dollars for cosmetic procedures, which might have helped the judge’s decision in lowering the required monthly payment for Costner.

There was even a report that Kevin submitted a proposed child support plan for around $50,000 a month, along with Costner paying for all of the children’s expenses, but Christine was allegedly offended by the offer and called it “inappropriate.”

This child support order is temporary anyways. Full hearings that take place in the coming months will showcase evidence and ultimately decide the final number for child support, so it could increase or decrease.

All while there haven’t been many updates on when Yellowstone will resume production on Season 5, though I’m sure that is the least of Costner’s worries at the moment.

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