Two 7-Foot Alligators Get Into Gruesome Battle On Florida Golf Course

gator fight on golf course

How am I supposed to chip with that going on?

Sorry to quote the great Shooter McGavin (can’t wait for the new Happy Gilmore), but seriously? How could you possibly focus on golf when there are two 7-foot alligators battling to the death in the middle of the fairway?

Seeing an alligator on a golf course in Florida (because where else would this happen?) isn’t out of the norm. Golf courses, whether it be a good thing or a bad thing, often meet all of the living requirements that gators need. So there are plenty of videos out there of alligators roaming various fairways and greens.

However, not many of those clips show two monstrous gators settling a dispute out in the open space of a freshly mowed fairway. This footage, which took place somewhere in the Sunshine State, is one of the wildest alligator encounters you’ll ever see.

The golfer filming was just trying to get a round in when they spotted a couple of alligators ferociously battling. As you’ll see when you watch the clip, there’s one gator that’s clearly winning the fight, but the other one isn’t throwing in the towel by any means.

Those on the golf course can’t believe their eyes as they approach (probably a little too closely, in my opinion) the raucous reptiles. The guy filming even bends down to pick up a loose tooth that one of the gators had lost during the showdown.

By the end of it, one alligator is on its back and seriously injured as the other appears to try and pull it’s oppoent down into the water to finish it off. It seems as though the presence of the human (holding the camera) made the alligator in charge cease its attack, which allowed for the gator in not-so-good shape to try and get away.

But that was easier said than done. Once it got back to right side up, it found out that it was in worse shape than it thought. It was trying to walk away from the fight when the video concluded, though who knows if it was able to put enough space between itself and the unofficial winner of the gator fight.

Check it out:

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