Kevin Costner Wins Big In Court, Judge Orders Estranged Wife To Leave The House

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The ongoing Kevin Costner-Christine Baumgartner divorce saga continues, and the plot thickens…

The split between the Yellowstone star and his wife of 18 years has been pretty chaotic since Baumgartner filed for divorce in the beginning of May. It was initially reported that Costner was caught off guard by the filing, and that his recent busy schedule filming his own movie and not filming Yellowstone might have put extra stress on the relationship.

Things went even more off the rails when it was revealed that Christine wouldn’t leave the house after she filed for the divorce, and even asked Costner for almost $250,000 a month for child support.

Costner ended up having to take the matters to court, and the news that was released today shaped up to be big win for the Yellowstone actor. The judge ordered today that the prenup that the couple signed into is valid, and that Christine has to honor the provision about vacating the house since she filed for divorce.

When she originally filed the divorce petition, she had a certain amount of days to leave the Costner household, but she refused. Now, the judge ordered that Baumgartner must be out of the home by July 31st.

The lawyers representing Christine argued that having until the end of the month is unfair, stating that the period of time up until July 31st does not allow for her enough time to find an adequate place to live, and also noted that she does not have enough money. One of her attorneys requested that the date be moved back to August 15th.

The decision today definitely pushes the favor to Costner, especially considering that a November hearing will determine whether the prenuptial agreement is valid or invalid.

The lawyers representing Baumgartner are expected to go after Costner and pull out all of the stops to invalidate the prenup, but considering that the Judge today insisted that the language of the agreement is valid, that might spell trouble for Christine.

If it is, in fact, ruled valid, Baumgartner would be forced to return $1.5 million dollars that Costner gave her, and would also have to pay for the attorney fees that Kevin has spent during the defense of the prenup.

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