“People Are Scared For No Reason” – Man Trying To Convince Neighbors Local Fox Is Friendly Gets Bitten On The Leg

fox bites man

Instant karma.

Don’t ever believe someone if they tell you that a wild animal is going to be nice to you. The only thing predictable about wild animal behavior is that they’ll always be unpredictable. The guy in this clip thought he was a real life Dr. Dolittle, but instead, he likely ended up having to go to the doctor to do-a-little rabies shot afterwards.

This video is going viral because the man was so confident that foxes were friendly creatures, only to eat his words seconds later. Others on the street were filming the man as he talked about how safe foxes are, and caught the moment right before the wild animal clamped down on the man’s leg:

“People are scared of it for no reason, but it comes up to you and you feel it… Look, look, see?”

“Look, look, see?” ended up being famous last words, because all of that time talking about how nice and docile foxes are went flying down the metaphorical toilet with one quick bite from the wild animal.

Those that were listening to the “fox pro” erupted in laughter as the man who had just lectured everyone on pleasant fox behavior switched to scolding the wild fox just after it had bitten him. Life can move pretty fast sometimes, and this footage below is no exception:

Just an absolutely brutal look.

And that bite didn’t appear to be doing well either. Hopefully that guy went and got checked up on afterwards. You obviously want to be safe in a situation like that, though you hope that you’d never be so delusional to trust a wild animal.

I can tell you one thing, that guy wouldn’t feel any better looking at some of this commentary from the unforgiving world of social media:

I’m always here for a good animal pun. Well done with “zero fox given.”

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