Charles Wesley Godwin To Donate All Online Merchandise Sales Towards Oklahoma Tornado Relief

Charles Wesley Godwin country music
Charles Wesley Godwin

Charles Wesley Godwin being a class act, as always.

Severe weather has ravaged much of the plains, the midwest, and parts of the south this past week as a multitude of powerful tornadoes have touched down. One of the worst affected areas was the state of Oklahoma, where the National Weather Service confirmed that eight different twisters tore through the Sooner State.

Disaster relief is now ongoing as meteorologists and forecasters watch cautiously for more severe weather to move in. “Tornado season” usually spreads from April to June in the United States, and the powerful storms that have already hit have states like Oklahoma and Kansas in recovery mode.

Charles Wesley Godwin might not be an Oklahoman himself (he proudly hails from the great state of West Virginia), but that didn’t stop him from using his platform to help those in need. Chuck put out a statement in support of all of those who have been impacted by the storm, and also that he’d be sharing proceeds to the relief efforts in Oklahoma:

“Praying for everyone impacted by the devastating tornadoes that recently struck Oklahoma. As a show of support, I will be donating all proceeds from my online merch sales to the Red Cross Oklahoma and Oklahoma Southern Baptist Disaster Relief until midnight tonight.”

Pretty cool stuff right there.

Godwin then shared the link to the merchandise, which you can click on below in the message:

“If you’d like to contribute directly or purchase items from my store, you can find links to my merch store, the Red Cross OK, and the OK Southern Baptist Disaster Relief at this link.”

Help out if ya can, folks.

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