Kevin Costner Allegedly Plans To Make Estranged Wife’s Life “A Living Hell” Amidst Divorce

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Celebrity divorces can oftentimes be ugly, and this one between Kevin Costner and his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner is no exception.

Anything and everything that could have gone wrong since Christine filed for divorce back in May has happened. Costner has been more than upset that Baumgartner hasn’t left the multi-million-dollar family home after serving him divorce papers, and a judge just recently ruled she would have to leave by the end of this month.

After reportedly being blindsided by the divorce, Costner hasn’t made it easy on his estranged wife. She first asked for almost $250 thousand dollars in child support per month, but another court hearing brought that total monthly price to around half of that.

It’s been pretty obvious that the Yellowstone star has been difficult to deal with during the entire process, and now an inside source that is allegedly close to the family has all but confirmed that Costner is dismayed by the divorce.

The source spoke to Daily Mail and provided some bombshell insight into the split between Costner and Baumgartner. From the outside, a lot of people have speculated that most of the tension between the two has spawned from who gets the house, but the insider suggests that isn’t the case:

“This isn’t about the house, it’s about making Christine’s life a living hell for actually going through with the divorce.”

Sounds like Costner has actually transformed into his Yellowstone character John Dutton because of all of this…

He clearly doesn’t mind to make the whole thing challenging for his former wife of 18 years, which could totally be a plot point of the hit Paramount show.

Maybe Taylor Sheridan should just start rolling the cameras in real life and try to figure out the rest in post production?

Baumgartner is reportedly trying to make the process easier on their three children, but Costner clearly wouldn’t be on the same page if he had her dragged out of the house by the authorities. Hell, he even reportedly broke the initial news that they were getting the divorce to his kids over Zoom.

The insider continued:

“It was Christine who wanted to make this transition as peaceful as possible for the sake of the children.

Kevin has done the complete opposite. He’s not thinking about the kids, about how traumatizing this is.”

Yikes… of course, celebrity news generally has to be taken with a grain of salt, but still… doesn’t sound good.

So stay tuned for the real-life drama that is playing out between Costner and Baumgartner, because it seems like things are only starting to heat up.

Not much else going on, since the end of Yellowstone Season 5 still seems to be a long ways away…

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