Koe Wetzel Hits The Gulf For Some Saltwater Fishing

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Koe Wetzel seems like the kind of guy that does everything hard.

He plays his music hard, he tours hard, he parties hard, and he fishes hard. He especially fishes hard.

Whether its wrangling a big ole catfish out of the water with his own two hands, or making a pair of crocs look cool from the deck of a bass boat, if he’s not on stage or on a tour bus in the summer, then he’s probably hunting or fishing.

He decided to switch things up from the bass and catfish he’s usually posting on social media in favor of something a little saltier this time though.

Koe was just down in Florida and he spent some time fishing with Gulf Angler Charters out of Destin.

Not only did he dress like a drunk uncle with a pair of pink shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, he also hammered some Red Snapper. The biggest Snapper looks like a shark bit off most of its body before they could reel it in though.

Looks like Koe and his crew also might have hooked into a Black Sea Bass, some Mackerel, and a few other species as well.

Big dogs gotta eat, and these guys definitely didn’t go home hungry.

If you want to do some fishing in Florida, then step one should be purchasing a fishing license.

Please keep in mind that you do need to purchase separate licenses for fishing fresh and saltwater.

Oftentimes you do not need to purchase a license when fishing with a professionally licensed saltwater guide though, as most of the time they have their entire boats licensed for chartered trips like this. It’s best to check with the captain directly.

The sale of fishing licenses directly funds the protection and enhancement of public boat ramps, aquatic environments, and fish populations in all 50 states.

It also protects you from potentially being fined, having your gear confiscated, and/or losing your fishing privileges. It’s important to remember that just because you have a fishing license in one state, that does not mean it is valid in another state.

And if you’re ever down in Destin, then consider booking a charter trip with Gulf Angler Charters, it looks like a great time.

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