VIDEO: Koe Wetzel Wrangles A Flathead Catfish With His Hands

A person in the water with a boat and a helicopter

Not many people have what it takes to hangout with Snoop Dogg and then turn around and catch a catfish with nothing but their own two hands just a few days later, but Koe Wetzel ain’t like many people.

It’s no secret that catfish noodling is fast becoming one of Wetzel’s favorite summer activities, even if he can’t show off his fresh pair crocs under water.

Wetzel was out with the team from On Tour Outdoors (OTO) recently, and the boys were looking to get their hands dirty by wrestling some big cats from under the water and onto the boat.

From the looks of it, another big voiced Texas musician, Mike Ryan, was on the boat with Koe, as well as OTO host Jake Murphy.

Hopefully the excursion was being filmed for a full episode of what is quickly becoming one of the best outdoors-focused video series on the internet, and we can get a better look at the full noodling experience.

Based on a quick preview though, the boys achieved their goal of getting bite, as Wetzel tossed a nice flathead catfish onto the boat and held his breath to dive back under for a second scoop.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock