Koe Wetzel Makes Fishing In Crocs Look Cool

A couple of men holding a fish

Crocs are arguably the most polarizing piece of footwear on the planet.

Providing a level of comfort that can honestly be likened to walking on clouds, their unusual aesthetic has sparked countless memes and other forms of digital ridicule that have made it cool to hate on crocs.

A person's feet in blue shoes

People who are committed to comfort keep on rocking them though.

It’s, unfortunately, a similar trend to what happened to Nickleback on social media. The internet made it cool to hate on them, and suddenly tons of folks who had never disliked or even heard a single Nickleback song started bashing the band without remorse.

But just as it’s impossible to pretend that “Rockstar” isn’t an absolute jam, it’s also impossible to deny not only the world-class comfort of crocs but also their utility as the perfect shoe for all those who love to hunt and fish.

They’re easy to slip on and off before and after a pair of hunting boots or waders, they’re waterproof and easy to wash off if they get muddy or bloody, they provide good traction on the deck of a boat, and let your feet breathe in the hot summer sun.

However, most folks who appreciate that versatility have taken to wearing mostly camouflage crocs in an effort to presumably prevent anyone from being able to see or notice that they’re wearing crocs.

Never one to care much about other people’s opinions or to give in to societal pressures, Koe Wetzel has been hitting the water and showing off a swagged out pair of clean white crocs with trim so colorful that they can’t help but get your attention. Those bad boys might even be a custom job.

If there’s anyone who can make crocs look cool in the wake of their declining popularity, it’s Koe. He recently laughed at the croc haters on two recent fishing trips down in Texas. Maybe he’ll even cover a Nickleback song sometime soon to make them look cool too.

While he still might not have had much success impressing any ladies with his choice of footwear, he was undoubtedly feeling comfortable and functional while seizing the day and successfully hauling in some huge bass and a monster carp.

“Hell of a last couple of days on Lake Fork chasing these fat girls! Shout out to Jason Conn Fishing for the hospitality and putting us on ’em!”

“Carpe Fucking Diem.”

Oh, and he rocks a Whiskey Riff cap with the best of them too.

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