Summer Is Here & That Means Koe Wetzel Is Catching Catfish With His Hands Again

A man holding a fish

Many people consider June 1st to be the consensus start of summer.

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, school is just about over, pools are open, and the big fish are biting.

The idea of a fish fighting takes on a different meaning for noodlers, who are anglers that prefer to fight their fish with their barehands instead of with traditional fishing tackle.

Texas country rockstar Koe Wetzel has become one of the most prominent figures in the country music noodling community. The big fella tussling with big catfish and showing off the results of his underwater fist fights are now a traditional sign of summer at this point, so it’s good to see he’s back at it again.

Last year he even celebrated the 4th of July by catching his personal best blue catfish.

While he had been sticking primarily to rods and reels earlier in the season, warmer temperatures and proper fishing conditions meant he finally jumped in the water and got the job done with his bare hand.

He shared his first successful catfish noodlin’ trip of the year on his Instagram.

‘Tis the season!”

On A High Seas Hot Streak

Koe Wetzel and his band have been busy the last few weeks, playing runs of shows seemingly every weekend as well as a run of dates for the Ball Park 2021 tour.

He’s still finding plenty of time to fish though.

Just a few weeks ago he stacked up a freezer full of sea trout in Florida and he hauled in the premier saltwater sport fish in south – a trophy bull redfish.

“Had to put a couple in the boat with the Cajun cousin before breaking shit on stage this weekend in Florida.”

Somewhere down in Louisiana.

While you’re here, check out a few of his previous noodling pictures.

“Grabbed my biggest blue yesterday on America’s birthday! God Bless America!”

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