Kolby Cooper Says The Few Times He’s Blacked Out In His Life Happened On Tour With Koe Wetzel

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Kolby Cooper is one of the buzziest names in Texas right now.

Hot off the release of “Excuses,” his first single under his new label, he sat down on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast to talk about life as a dad, what it was like performing at bars underage, and his time touring with the great Koe Wetzel.

Koe being the animal that he is, I can’t imagine what it’s like trying to keep up with him when it comes to drinking. I wouldn’t even try, and not shockingly, it sounds like it’s no easy task.

Kolby mentioned the fact that he’s only blacked out a couple times in his life, and of course when he did, it was when he was on tour with Koe. Are any of you surprised? Because you really shouldn’t be…

Possibly even worse than that, though, was this:

“The first time it was on Rumple Minze.”

Sorry if that made anyone cringe (I did the first time I heard him say it), but it does get worse:

“The guitar player that kind of inspired ‘Excuses’, it was like a six show run with us, we were on the front lines just chillin’ and I had my arm around him just talkin’ to him and then I just, and I don’t remember this, and I just throw up all down the front of his shirt.

It was after the show, this is like 2 am, bus is fixin’ to leave, and we’re all partyin’ still. I guess they got me back in the back and put me in bed and when I woke back up and crawled… to this bathroom and I just hugged the toilet and threw up for what felt like seven hours.

But it was like 30 minutes and I just passed out on the floor and I woke up and I was like f*ck, dude, like we were movin’ and I don’t remember leaving.”

First of all, I really hope his guitar player had an an extra clean shirt handy. Second of all, getting sick from drinking that much on a moving bus sounds like an absolute nightmare.

On top of that, he was woken up again with his head hitting the floor every time the bus hit a pothole or the driver hit the brakes:

“Like I woke up I think ‘cuz my head kind of bounced and hit the f*cking floor and I was like, oh sh*t, oh god, I gotta throw up again.

So I lean back into the toilet and I’m just sitting there just huggin’ it and the driver’s slamming the brakes. It was a horrible night.”

Horrible sounds like an understatement.

I can’t think of anything worse than being sick and hungover on a moving vehicle for hours on end…

And the funny thing… Koe shared this picture with Kolby from last spring with the caption:

“Never drinking with this wild man ever again.”

Sounds like it was a good time all the way around.

But if you want to hear about the second time he blacked out, there’s plenty more where that came from.

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