INTENSE Video Shows Black Bear Mauling Wild Boar In Tennessee, Fighting To Carry It Into Woods

A black bear walking on a dirt path

This one is not for the faint of heart.

Nature is just as ruthless as she is beautiful, and that was on full display in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Some folks were driving around the area when they came across a rare sight – a black bear mauling a wild boar while simultaneously trying to drag it into the woods. This video isn’t short, it’s a hefty 10 minutes and loaded with fight and struggle.

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According to TN.Gov, Tennessee has two main black bear populations: the Appalachian Population along the Tennessee-North Carolina border and the Cumberland Population in the northern part of the Cumberland Plateau along the Tennessee-Kentucky border.

Because black bears are very mobile and travel across state lines, we not only manage a Tennessee black bear population, but a shared population with many neighboring states. Collectively, this interstate population is known as the Southeastern Black Bear Population, and is shared with Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.

Bear populations in Tennessee are growing, and re-colonization of former range continues.

As for wild hogs…

In 2011, new regulations were enacted that changed wild hog management. Wild hogs are no longer regarded as big game animals in Tennessee. In order to remove the incentive to relocate wild hogs, they are now considered a destructive species to be controlled by methods other than sport hunting.

It is illegal to possess, transport, or release live wild hogs.

Take a guess on who wins this battle.