MeatEater’s Steve Rinella Recalls The Time A Charging Bull Moose Put An Antler In His A**

Moose hunting… it’s not for the faint of heart.

If you’ve ever seen a bull moose up close, you know what absolute freaks these animals are. Big, massive horses with plates of spikes on their heads… they almost feel more like a dinosaur than they do a member of the deer family.

A while back, MeatEater host and well-known hunter/outdoorsmen, Steve Rinella, was hunting moose in British Columbia when he downed a big bull. And against his own advice, he went running after it.

But when his gun didn’t go off for the second shot, the moose got up and charged him, putting an antler tip right into his ass.

“I feel my ass get popped by something. It felt like someone took a broom handle and went boom… in your ass.”

Overall, Rinella managed to get away with just a bruise on his ass (and maybe a bruised ego), but it was a valuable lesson for him. One that he’s glad he learned.

Oh, and props to his camera man of catching all the action… you the real MVP.

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A beer bottle on a dock