US Bans Bump-Stock Devices Used In Las Vegas Shooting

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Over a year has passed since 58 people were tragically killed in the Route 91 Las Vegas massacre.

The ban on bump-stock devices, what the shooter used, will officially be going into effect Friday.

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From the Washington Post:

Justice Department officials said Tuesday that any weapons modified with a bump stock — a type of device that attaches to the butt of a rifle and uses the energy of the gun’s recoil to automatically fire another round — will be classified as machine guns, meaning that only law enforcement agencies can use them.

Once the new regulations are published by the government on Friday, owners of the devices will have 90 days to destroy them or turn them into the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Recently, Route 91 said they are planning a comeback in 2019.

photo credit: George Frey/Getty Images

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