George Strait Releasing New Album…THIS WEEK!

Strait announced Tuesday that he would perform four upcoming shows at the MGM Resort arena in Las Vegas — April 22-23rd and Sept. 9-10th of next year — and release a new album, Cold Beer Conversation, available on iTunes and at Walmart stores starting Friday.


His new single, the title track, will hit country radio this Wednesday. A pretty awesome surprise from the KING.

Cold Beer Conversation track listing:

1. “It Was Love”
2. “Cold Beer Conversation”
3. “Let It Go”
4. “Goin’ Goin’ Gone”
5. “Something Going Down”
6. “Take Me to Texas”
7. “It Takes All Kinds”
8. “Stop and Drink”
9. “Everything I See”
10. “Rock Paper Scissors”
11. “Wish You Well”
12. “Cheaper Than a Shrink”
13. “Even When I Can’t Feel It”

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