67 Year Old Flies To South Africa For 35 Year Old Multi-Millionaire Babe He Met On Craigslist… Definitely Not A Scam

eHarmony? Psh.

Get into those Craigslist personals my friend.

That’s exactly how Michael Morgan, 67, of North Carolina, met the woman of his dreams. According to IOL, he met Caryl, a 35 year old nurse from South Africa and they started chatting via email and text messages. After exchanging photos, they also called each other.

Sounds a little too good to be true right? There’s more.

She told him her father had died and that her mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

“She was going to come to me, but claimed she could not fly over to the US because her mother told her she had inherited $12 million from her dad,” Michael explains.

Beautiful, younger, and RICH? Maybe this is too good to be true after all…

So he flew to South Africa to save his lady love.

“I gave her my flight itinerary and she knew I would be wearing a cowboy hat and a sweater saying ‘big daddy’. But when I got there, she was not there.”

Big daddy shirt? That might ruin this whole thing Mike.

“On Wednesday, I took a taxi to the address which she said was her home, 27 Clifford Avenue, Vredehoek. But there was no number 27 in that road. “Then we drove past Groote Schuur and I told the taxi to stop. I went to administration and asked if they have a Caryl Jones on their staff listing.”

“They hesitated at first, but later told me there was no one there with that name and said that love was truly blind.”

“I spent $900 for my flight here and $800 for the flight home, I also spent $300 for taxi services and hotel fees.”

Flight to South Africa, $900.

Flight back to the United States, $800.

Hotel stay in South Africa, $300. 

Learning a lifelong lesson about meeting people on Craigslist that seem WAAAAAYYYY to good to be true and then actually flying across the world to see them…