Kyle Richards Will Not Return To ‘Real Housewives’ Unless She Discloses True Status Of Relationship With Morgan Wade

Morgan Wade country music
Morgan Wade

The romance rumors continue to swirl.

Time and time again, the unlikely friend duo of Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards have insisted that they are just friends, and have done a good job trolling the trolls, but time and time again, the internet will not let it go. This time, though, the relationship might affect Richards’s place of work and is affecting her life beyond the internet trolls.

If you are not a pop culture over consumer like myself, let me give you the cliff notes on what is going on. Last summer, Kyle Richards announced she was separating from her husband, Mauricio Umansky, and around the same time, Richards was publicly sharing that she had gotten really close to the country music star Morgan Wade. On paper, these two do not look like they should be friends; I mean, you have a breakout country music rock star from the hills of Virginia, and a Beverly Hills reality TV star. However, they seemed thick as thieves… and maybe a little more than that.

Quickly, relationship rumors began swirling, and while Wade noted that the “internet is a dumb place,” the two decided to have a little fun with it, playing into the rumors of having Richards star as a love interest for Wade’s “Fall In Love With Me” music video. Everything seemed fine and dandy as Wade then made appearances on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills up until the reunion was about to film. Wade deleted nearly all of her posts from Instagram, and Kyle Richards erased all traces of Wade from her feed as well. Rumors then started flying about this being a PR stunt, and the two were never that close (despite Wade getting Richard’s initial tattooed on her).

Rumors settled for a little after the reunion when Richards then insisted that the two were just friends and even had her sister Kathy Hilton chiming in on it as well. However, we all know that internet sleuths don’t rest, and the speculation flag was raised again after Richards left a slightly steamy comment on one of Wade’s posts. Now, even folks outside of the country music/reality TV world are chiming in, with folks like Rihanna agreeing they are a couple.

Now, I, like anyone else, have my thoughts, but I am here to report on how the potential secret relationship could affect Richards’s career. According to a recent Daily Mail report, Bravo producers are questioning Richards’s spot on the show’s cast, given her secretiveness surrounding the status.

‘The producers feel that Kyle has said all she can say about her split from Mauricio (Umansky) and now it is time to tell the truth about her dating Morgan. Kyle has beat around the bush a ton on Morgan and it is getting old. It is time for her to finally admit that it is more than a friendship.

It was more than just friends, it was more than a girl crush. I don’t think Kyle puts a label on it. But it is something spicy I will tell you that for sure.”

The source then goes on to say that Wade treats Richards like she is the most beautiful person in the world. If you are a fan of the reality TV show, you have seen Richards struggle with feeling ‘enough’ at times, and Wade checks all of her boxes for that.

“Morgan is in her 20s and everything is fresh and new and fun. Morgan makes Kyle feel young again. They travel and do fun things together, plus Morgan is easygoing; she makes things just easy for Kyle. Kyle is naturally a very anxious person and Morgan settles her down, she brings the calm.

Kyle was always trying to show Mauricio that she was pretty, funny and smart enough. She was always trying to dazzle him. And I think it just got exhausting for her.” 

While it is still not official if Richards will return for another season, she did not that this last one was a struggle for her. With her personal life being on blast and dealing with some conflict among other cast members, it was not a season filled with laughs and memories.

As a fan of the show, I hope that Richards does make a return, but I can also see producers being frustrated. Part of the deal of being on a reality TV show is disclosing what is happening in your life, and this is a BIG secret to keep.

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