Rihanna Is Convinced That Morgan Wade And ‘Real Housewives’ Star Kyle Richards Are A Couple: “I Mean, Duh”

Morgan Wade country music
Morgan Wade

Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards have repeatedly denied there’s anything romantic between them.

But apparently Rihanna’s not buying it.

Last spring, the country singer and the Real Housewives star found themselves in the middle of a media frenzy when their unlikely friendship led to relationship rumors.

While the two denied that they were anything more than platonic friends, with Richards separating from her husband at the same time and announcing she was working on a documentary about Wade’s life, the public did not buy the storyline.

Instead of running from the rumors, these two embraced them with Kyle playing the lover role in Morgan’s music video “Fall In Love With Me.” Wade said it best when she noted that the “internet is a dumb place” and just wanted everyone to accept that they were friends and only friends.

The two have addressed the rumors numerous times, denying that there’s anything romantic between them. But that hasn’t stopped the speculation – including from Rihanna.

When the pop star was asked her thoughts on whether the two were a couple, the “Umbrella” singer (I’m using that one because it’s still my favorite Rihanna song) didn’t seem like there was any doubt in her mind:

“I mean, duh.

Listen, I love Kyle. It’s weird commenting on her relationship because I don’t know the facts. I just feel like she was able to re-observe her marriage through a new lens.

For once, someone else made her feel valued, made her feel like she was cute and quirky and fun and all the great things that maybe were taken for granted before. And that’s why I believe that there’s something with Morgan, because sometimes, it takes that for you to fight for what you deserve.”

Now I’ll admit, I don’t know enough about any of this to even begin to know why Rihanna was asked her opinion on it in the first place. I guess she’s friends with Kyle? Who knows. (I’m sure plenty of people know, I just quite honestly don’t care enough to look it up).

But either way, it seems like the couple’s denials haven’t been enough to change Rihanna’s mind – or maybe she knows something that we don’t.

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