“This Should Be Fun” – Florida Mountain Biker Nearly Rides Right Over Alligator On The Path

biker runs into alligators

Can’t go under it, can’t go over it…

This mountain biker in South Florida was likely taken back to the children’s nursery rhyme (“Going On A Bear Hunt,” for those uninitiated) when they came across two alligators laying across their path. Any non-Floridian would say “that’s enough nature and biking for me today,” but this man simply looked at the two gators in his way and muttered:

“This should be fun.”

What can I really say besides Florida is built different? Prehistoric reptiles (that could turn on you in an instant) blocking your way? No problem! All you’ve got to do is give them a little push, or figure out how to motivate them to move, as the mountain biker himself described in the post’s caption:

“Sometimes in life the path ahead is blocked by alligators, but definitely don’t let that stop you because gators are pretty chill honestly. In this video, I was returning from a bike ride in the Fakahatchee Strand in South Florida and found these two large alligators blocking my only route out of the swamp. So in order to get back to my car I had to get these alligators to move.”

I don’t know about you, but I just would have been okay with not getting back to the car using that path. I’d turn right back around and find another way (or make a way). There’s no way I’d challenge two alligators, let alone one, especially with them being that close to the swamp. One wrong step and I’m getting dragged into the marsh to never been seen or heard from again.

And as the man described, this was apparently a very touchy time to be around gators. He eventually made it by, but not without some tribulation:

“It was alligator mating season, so the big male was my biggest concern. After getting the female to move, I tested the male to see if he was in a lazy mood or an aggressive mood. I did not want him getting up when my bike was next to him because they have very powerful tail whips. When he showed me he was in a lazy mood, I finally felt comfortable passing by and made it back to my car.”

I’d still categorize this video as a “close call,” even though the biker never seemed too worried by the sizable alligators. There was plenty of second-hand worry on my part though, as well as from some of you when you watch this scary-yet-under-control encounter.

Take a look:

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