“STOP TAGGING THE FBI” – Outraged Kentucky Fan Regrettably Goes Viral With John Calipari “Insurrection” Joke Following The Upset

John Calipari
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March Madness rolls on, though time did seem to stop for a moment yesterday when the Kentucky Wildcats lost to the underdog Oakland Golden Grizzlies.

The mid-major 14-seed took down the blue blood 3-seed behind March Madness hero Jack Gohlke’s 10 three-pointers. It was an unbelievable showing by the Golden Grizzlies, and social media simply could not get enough of the upset.

That’s the beauty of the NCAA tournament. No one was talking about the matchup between Kentucky and Oakland, with many going as far to “Sharpie” the Wildcats into the Final Four. But Gohlke and the Golden Gohlkes Grizzlies didn’t care about what everyone was saying and went out and barraged UK with deep threes.

So, as always with March Madness, another star that no one had heard of before the tournament started was born. Jack Gohlke started trending on social media, and still was after the game. Especially when he dropped this all-time quote in the post game press conference:

March. Madness. Legend.

And speaking of “trending on social media,” one of the many Kentucky Wildcat fans that went online to vent about the loss ended up going viral. While many others were calling for head coach John Calipari to be fired, or pronouncing that the “one and done” era was over, one UK fan named Kenny took things a step further.

His first post on X (formerly Twitter) following the upset said this:

“If Calipari is allowed back in Lexington, I will make January 6th look like a kindergarten birthday party.”

Nothing like coping with your college team’s loss with a threat of an insurrection. Kenny’s post started to get a lot of attention, and quickly racked up thousands of likes and impressions. The Kentucky Fan got nervous because a lot of others on social media started tagging the FBI in the replies, so Kenny responded to his own post/tweet with another:


But that message wasn’t enough to convince others that his initial threat was a joke, so Kenny the Kentucky fan had to send out another post to further clarify:


As you can see above, Kenny’s last post about the matter before making his account private was a repost of his initial “January 6th” where he finally appeared to be settling into his situation:

“My average tweet gets .5 likes. Why this one?”

Why? Probably because there was a loose threat to the safety and well-being of Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari. Plus, it was hilarious. I’m sure a lot of people on social media were reveling in the fact that Big Blue Nation got knocked out in the first round of the NCAA tournament yet again, and enjoyed making Kenny’s situation worse by alerting the FBI. Also, there is an entire swath of Kentucky fans that want Coach Cal run outta town ($30 million buyout be damned), so he was earning likes from both sides.

It will truly be March Madness if Kenny the Kentucky fan gets a visit from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That would definitely be an upset that no one saw coming…

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