Willie Nelson Has Two Birthdays Thanks To The Timing Of His Birth: “I Just Do Both Days”

Willie Nelson
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When you’re a legend like Willie Nelson, you can celebrate as much as you want.

The country music icon turned 91 years old today, which must make the medical marijuana industry incredibly happy that he’s still around as proof that their stuff really does work wonders.

And while Willie is celebrating today, it turns out he’ll actually be celebrating tomorrow too – thanks to a clerical error that was made due to the timing of his birth.

Back in 2018, Willie explained on his Sirius XM Channel Willie’s Roadhouse how he ended up with two birthdays:

“I was born before midnight on the 29th, but it didn’t get registered in the country courthouse until the next day, the 30th. So it went out officially as the 30th.”

So when does Willie officially celebrate?

Well, both.

“I just do both days.” 

According to Willie’s daughter Lana, he began celebrating both days when he had to get a birth certificate while enlisting in the military – and at the time, he thought that his birthday was actually a day later than he thought:

“Dad celebrated his birthday on the 29th of April until he was 18 years old and went into the Air Force. He had to finally get a birth certificate and it said he was born on the 30th. Not to argue with the government we celebrated his birthday on the 30th for about 40 years.”

But years later, a family member who was present for his birth confirmed that it was, in fact, just before midnight on the 29th:

“One day while visiting with his cousin, who was there the night he was born, Mildred said no, he WAS in fact born a few minutes before midnight on the 29th and Dr. Simms didn’t record the birth until after midnight. As it turns out we get TWO days to shower Dad with love and tell him how much he means to us.”

I mean, I think we’re all fine celebrating Willie two days in a row…or as many as he wants.

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