Koe Wetzel Shares Previews Of All The New Songs From Forthcoming Album, ‘9 Lives’

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The first taste of 9 Lives.

This morning, Koe Wetzel announced his sixth studio album 9 Lives, which features 12 songs in total and two previously-released tracks in the lead single “Damn Near Normal,” as well as the title track.

The record was produced predominantly by Gabe Simon (Noah Kahan’s Stick Season) alongside a lineup of trusted collaborators like Josh Serrato, Carrie K and Sam Harris (X Ambassadors). It’s the first time Koe has worked with Simon in this capacity, so we’re certainly in for something a little bit different from his previous work with Taylor Kimball.

Koe says this new project is an attempt to show fans a different side of who is, and that he’s not all just “the sex, drugs, and rock & roll Koe” that’s often portrayed online and on stage:

“I want fans to know that there’s a different side of me, not just the sex, drugs, and rock & roll Koe that they may have heard about online. I’ve grown up a little bit.

I’m no longer the 20-year-old kid that’s partying down and getting thrown in jail all the time. ‘9 Lives’ reveals a vulnerable side that people may not be used to hearing.”

I think 9 Lives promises to be a refreshing, deeper and more introspective look at Koe and who he is as both a musician and person. I’ve always felt like he has so many layers in terms of his musical taste and writing abilities, and it sounds like that will be on full display with this project.

And he’s sharing teasers of all of the new music that’s coming soon, which you can find on Youtube as well as on Instagram when you search under the “music” tab. The video clips are all on TikTok too. They’re each pretty short and sweet, obviously, but a fun preview of what’s to come when the whole record drops on July 19th.

I went through all of them already and have listed a few below, but like I said, you can search for all of them on Youtube, Instagram or TikTok.

Like Koe’s mentioned before, it’s definitely a bit of a different sound than what we’ve heard from him in the past, which is to be expected especially when someone’s working with a new producer and a lot of new writers. I think a lot of them actually sound pretty twangy, and I’m looking forward to hearing the entire album this summer.


“Runnin’ Low”



And something about this one already feels like a standout to me…

“Last Outlaw Alive”

9 Lives tracklist:

“Continued” Skit
“9 Lives (Black Cat)” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Gabe Simon)
“Casamigos” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Sam Harris, Ben Burgess, Gabe Simon)
“Damn Near Normal” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Gabe Simon, Carrie Karpinen, Sam Harris)
“Leigh” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Gabe Simon)
“Twister” (Ropyr Wetzel, Steve Rusch, Ben Burgess, Josh Serrato)
“High Road” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Gabe Simon, Carrie Karpinen)
“Reconsider” (Charles John Brocco, Keith Quenton Gattis)
“Hatchet” (Gabe Simon, Mike Coogan)
“Sweet Dreams” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Josh Serrato, Gabe Simon, Sam Harris)
“Runnin’ Low” (Ropyr Wetzel, Amy Allen, Sam Harris, Gabe Simon, Ben Burgess)
“Bar Song” (Blake “Shy” Carter, Breyan Isaac, Dernst “D’Mile” Emile II, Dave Gibson)
“Last Outlaw Alive” (Josh Serrato, Ben Burgess, Sam Harris)

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