Deer Stands Its Ground And Squares Off With Bobcat In Driveway

deer vs bobcat
Madame Devallia

There’s always a battle waiting to happen out in the wild. It’s an “only the strong survive” kind of world out there for these creatures.

And deer have it rough. Anything that can, wants to kill them right from day one. Whether it’s birds like hawks or eagles, predators like coyotes and bears and mountain lions, there’s nothing like a young fawn to a meat-eating animal. Even gators and pythons will eat young deer in places like Florida and Louisiana.

Deer can reach over 250 pounds but your average is closer to 120 pounds in most places. They are large enough to have the speed to get away from most things that can take them out. But when they have fawns that is harder for them to do as their young can’t run around as well.

This can lead to some conflict, as all mothers, even in the wild, are super protective over their kids. If deer can’t get predators away from them, they will certainly square up.

Bobcats are smaller cats that have no problem taking on a bigger animal if they need to. Like all wild cats they come with a whole lot of fight, and they tools to do some damage. Their claws are sharp and will shred flesh, while they have an accurate bite that shoots for the kill every time. They typically feed on rabbits, birds and small mammals but will take on deer fawns or even the odd adult deer from time to time.

This deer clearly did not want the bobcat around though, likely due to a fawn nearby… you can tell by the aggression.

A driveway cam caught it all on video as a deer comes and stands its ground right in front of the bobcat. Clearly mad, with its tail in the air, the deer asserts its feelings, and while the bobcat tries to downplay the situation and fool the deer by laying down… the deer has none of it.

The two face off, but the deer is clearly ready to fight so the bobcat lets out a few growls and ultimately decides that it isn’t gonna try it.

Everyone live to fight another day.

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