Mother Bear Goes On Daring Rescue To Save Cub That Fell Off Bridge In Connecticut

Bear falls off bridge
ABC 7 Chicago

So this is where the phrase “mother bear instincts” come from?

A mama bear in Plymouth, Connecticut was caught on camera entering into a daring rescue mission after her cub fell from a railway bridge and down into a river below. The small family of wild animals was trying to avoid the water below by utilizing the bridge, though that didn’t go according to plan.

Some people driving by noticed the bears passing through on the bridge and decided to stop to get a video as the sun was setting. Because they parked their car and started filming, this entire situation was documented on video and shared onto social media for the whole world to see.

When the footage first starts, the mother bear and cub are comfortably walking along on the railway bridge. Not too long afterwards, you see a small cub misstep and plummet off of the bridge and down into the river below. To say that the mother bear began freaking out would be an understatement. And the bear wasn’t the only one scared by the fall, as the woman who was shooting the video yelled out:

“Oh my God! Oh my God, the bear just fell in the water.”

The mother bear takes a second to fully comprehend what just happened, and then looks down to see that her cub is splashing around in the water below the bridge. She immediately sprints off and scrambles as she gets down to the river below to rescue her offspring.

In the time that it took the big bear to get down to the water, the cub had been swept further down the waterway by the current. It was miraculously managing to stay afloat, and was able to tread water long enough for the mother bear to splash into the river to save the day.

In a matter of seconds, the mama bear got into the water, swam over to its cub, and then picked it up and carried it over to the shore. Once the cub was out of the river, it was safe and sound… until it slipped and fell back in. This time didn’t take as grand of a rescue as the first time, though it still another save by the mother bear nonetheless.

Check it out:

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