Florida Woman Screams Hysterically When Python Attacks Her Cat On Back Patio

Python attacks cat

These snakes don’t care what it is, they are going to try to get a snack.

Nobody wants to see their pets go out via random animal attack. Sure, it happens in nature every day, but we like to believe that our pets aren’t part of that world. But that just ain’t always the case.

Pythons are not native to the United States, but in recent years there has been a massive boom in their invasive population, especially in Florida. Pet Burmese pythons get too big and people release them into the wild, completely ignorant of the devastating effects it can have on the ecosystem. These snakes have successfully repopulated in the wild and have begun to take over some areas like the Everglades.

And since they have no natural predators in the area, they dominate the habitat and overcomplete for food sources. This has lead to some massive balance issues in ecosystems resulting in loss of native populations.

And if you don’t believe me check this one out. Even your cats aren’t safe if they are around.

Pythons can consume things much larger than you would think, they are able to open their jaws and swallow massive animals whole. They’ll swallow small deer and gators so this house cat would be a piece of cake.

On a backyard patio camera, this python was spotted attempting to take out someone’s house cat. The owner notices and comes out to the rescue. Well, sorta… she mostly just screams bloody murder.

She bends down trying to grab the cat, which takes off running with a big ol’ snake hanging right off its rear end.

“Ahhh, oh ****!”

Thankfully, it looks like the cat got free and there was just a really good scare go on. Best case scenario really.

Pythons are constrictors, so non-venomous and generally don’t bite humans unless threatened. And even of they do, one this small won’t hurt all that bad… next time just put on your big girl pants, grab that SOB by the head, and save your cat, lady.

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