In Honor Of Tennessee’s Bowl Game & His NIL Deal, Vols WR Ramel Keyton Works A Cheez-It Into His Hair Style

Cheez It
Ramel Keyton

Get that bag, Ramel Keyton. The Tennessee Volunteers wide receiver is making the most of his final collegiate game in the upcoming Cheez-It Citrus Bowl by adhering to the classic adage of, “Look good, feel good, play good.” Actors find ways to get into characters by any means necessary. Keyton is gearing up for the Cheez-It Bowl against Iowa’s stout defense by fully committing to his NIL obligations to the snack brand with his hairdo.

That is a fresh fade if I’ve ever seen one. Perhaps the lactose-intolerant crowd won’t be able to relate to this greatness, but hey, Keyton couldn’t care less. He’s going to make some serious bank for this. It’s almost certain to go viral and help the Cheez-It brand in a big way, not to mention his own.

Given how rather meaningless non-College Football Playoff bowl games for those unaffiliated with the universities and sponsors involved, I say, do more stunts like this. Certainly if you’ve clicked on this, you must’ve seen the hella bizarre Pop-Tart mascot who was put through the toaster last night and “eaten” by the victorious Kansas State team. The weirder you can be during bowl season, the better. Otherwise, you struggle to grab my attention, much less casual college football fans who typically only care about their teams unless they’re betting on the games or something.

Like I’m all about this. Embrace the weird, baby!

Advocate for and normalize citrus Cheez-Its!

Hit me with a sorta-disgusting nail polish product tie-in!

Inject that sludgy cheesiness into my veins!!! ROLL VOLS.

What a win for Keyton. No idea if an NFL future awaits him, although it does bode well that he’s averaged over 18 yards per catch and scored 11 touchdowns on 63 catches over the last two seasons at a big-time SEC program. A leg injury is keeping Iowa’s star defensive back, probable first-round pick and future Rashard Mendenhall Race Bowl All-Pro Cooper DeJean out of action for the Hawkeyes. You have to like the Vols’ chances, even with Nico Iamaleava starting at quarterback in place of opt-out typical starter Joe Milton.

Iowa tends to keep most of their games close in spite of an anemic offense who sportsbooks gave zero chance to score in the first half of their Big Ten title tilt with Michigan. Turns out, the Hawkeyes lost that one 26-0. Those oddsmakers always know, don’t they? Unless it comes to a Santa costume-wearing Christmas saint of a hero who hits a 14-leg ATTD NFL parlay to turn $5 into $489K. I’m still not over that.

Good thing that Ramel Keyton doesn’t need to resort to gambling for income. He’s got a sick NIL deal triggered by the bowl game he’s playing in.

Make the most of it, young man, and enjoy your last time on a college field. I hope we see you in the pros someday. Just don’t eat too many of those tasty Cheez-Its. Don’t want you passing too much of that gas on the gridiron. Or heck, who knows, maybe it’s a competitive advantage of sorts to throw off your opponents. More power to you if you can swing that, sir.

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