The Pop-Tarts Bowl Mascot Was The Bowl Game Addition America Needed

Pop Tarts Bowl

Marketing genius or cannibalistic ritual?

Bowl season is in full swing, and while I feel like the bowl game names have gotten more and more absurd as the years have gone on, this one might be one of the best bowl game names just because the marketing team leaned into it.

The Pop-Tarts Bowl.

Held in Orlando, Florida, The Pop-Tarts Bowl let NC State and Kansas State battle it out on the field, with the Kansas State Wildcats bringing home the victory. While the game was good, what might have been better was the mascot that the Pop-Tarts Bowl had present.

And after seeing the internet’s reaction to the jumbo-sized breakfast pastry, I am convinced that every bowl game needs its own mascot. The frosted sweet treat was on the sidelines during the game, exciting the crowd, interacting with the sideline crew, and having a downright good time, leaving spectators begging for a fan cam on the mascot.

“I want all of the coverage of this mascot. Give me a YouTube series. TikTok show. Every crowd angle. Screw the football game, I want to go for the Pop Tart Bowl for the mascot shenanigans.”

While the show he was putting on during the game deserved its own highlight reel, the best part of the game was the post-win celebration. The winning team indulged in their choice of Pop-Tarts, and while the spotlight probably should have been on the Wildcats, the jumbo Pop-Tart stole the show again.

The Pop-Tart has a pop-star moment being lowered into the toaster, complete with a sign that reads “Dreams really do come true,” right before being eaten by the winning team. Because let’s be real, to be enjoyed is every Pop-Tart’s dream.

And while it might be seen as cannibalistic that the mascot was toasted and then eaten…I call this marketing genius. This is the resurgence that bowl games needed, and the internet is EATING IT UP.

@espn “We’ll always love you strawberry.” 🥹 #football #poptarts #mascot #cfb ♬ original sound – ESPN

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