Sportsbooks Are Betting That Bettors Won’t Bet On The Iowa Hawkeyes To Score ONE POINT Against The Michigan Wolverines In BIG 10 Championship

Iowa Hawkeyes
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If you’ve followed college football this season, you probably know the best matchup every single week has been between the Iowa Hawkeyes and whatever the Over/Under was set at for their game.

The Iowa Hawkeyes have consistently forced sports books to post the lowest Over/Under total points line for their games, and somehow, they’ve still managed to hit the under in basically every single matchup. Iowa has actually made history, forcing Las Vegas to set the lowest over/under total of all time, which was 24.5 combined points in last weeks matchup between the Hawkeyes and the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

And guess what? Iowa kicked a game winning field goal as the clock hit zero to win the game 13 to 10. For those that are slower with math, that’s 23 points, thus hitting yet another historically low under. You’d have to be a mad man to take such a low under, but then again, Iowa just keeps hitting.

Just to throw some interesting statistics out there, the Hawkeyes have the worst total offense in all of college football. That’s not an opinion (though it would be an easy one to have), that’s a fact.

They average less than 250 yards per game, yet somehow they have a record of 10 wins and 2 losses (another record for a team with such a low average yards total), and are playing in the Big 10 Championship game against the Michigan Wolverines this weekend.

So now, college football fans will see the worst offense in the country (Iowa) take on arguably the best defense in all of college football (Michigan). The Wolverines’ offense is pretty impressive as well, but we’ll see how they fare against the powerhouse, Saturday-afternoon-nap-inducing Iowa defense.

The Over/Under is set at 35.5 points by most sports books, even though Michigan is expected to win by more than three touchdowns (try to do the math on that one). Clearly, Vegas is expecting for the game to be ugly, and in favor of the Michigan Wolverines.

In fact, they are DARING sports bettors to make a bet that seems like it would be free money, if it only wasn’t Iowa that you were betting on. DraftKings has set the Hawkeyes’ team totals for each half at 0.5 points, meaning they believe there’s a good chance that Iowa gets shutout.

All they have to do is score a field goal in each half, and both of those overs would hit. But are you brave enough to take the over on a team that has notoriously and historically hit the under so far this year?

It’s honestly wild to see, and the only thing that would be more wild is if Iowa somehow pulls off an upset against the Jim Harbaugh-less Michigan Wolverines and knocks them out of the playoffs…

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