Throwback To A Baby-Faced Koe Wetzel Covering The Hell Outta Tim McGraw’s “Mr. Whoever You Are” In 2010

Koe Wetzel country music

What a throwback.

If you spend as much time on Youtube as I do, you’re bound to run into some old videos from way back before artists were uploading music there on a regular basis.

Actually, there was a time when it was mostly just grainy cover videos or live performances, and if you wanted to hear the studio cut, then you’d have to go over to iTunes and actually buy the single itself (okay, I’m aging myself, but you get the point).

And one of my favorite artists, Koe Wetzel, has tons of old covers floating around there from long before he had a band or was really trying to make it as an artist.

You can find great ones of him singin’ Jason Aldean’s “The Truth,” Randy Rogers Band’s “In My Arms Instead,” and more.

But today, I stumbled across one of him playing Tim McGraw’s “Mr. Whoever You Are” way back in 2010, and it’s so damn good.

The strength of Koe’s voice often gets lost in the loud, super grunge, electric guitar-driven production on a lot of his music, but you can hear it so clearly here and he sings the song perfectly.

While I love the rock-leaning sound he’s leaned into over the years, there’s something about him singin’ with just an acoustic guitar that cannot be beat.

He needs to put out the elusive country album one day just because I need everyone to finally understand that his voice is great and he can sing the hell outta whatever he wants… I mean, I actually thought he sounded the best he ever has on his recent Christmas covers EP.

Anywho, “Mr. Whoever You Are” was included on McGraw’s 2009 10th studio album Southern Voice, and was written by Sean McConnell.

Do yourself a favor and check out little baby-faced Koe singin’ the hell out of it 13 years ago, you’ll be glad you did:

“Mr. Whoever You Are”

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