Watch A Baby-Faced Koe Wetzel Cover Jason Aldean’s “The Truth” Back In 2010

Koe Wetzel country music

Dang, our boy’s sure grown up over the years.

Koe Wetzel is one of the most polarizing figures in “country” music, no doubt about it.

Country has to be put in quotes, because let’s face it, the guy is way more rock and roll than twang, and admittedly so. I mean, you can’t listen to “Creeps” and tell me it’s in the same ball park as “Amarillo By Morning.”

And that’s just fine… much like Post Malone, Koe Wetzel has kind of created his own thing (which is a zillion times harder to do).

But there’s also no denying the country roots he has from growing up in Pittsburgh, Texas.

We’ve been hearing about his upcoming full-blown country album for a while now and it looks like that’s becoming a reality as there’s been a few pictures and videos posted to social media recently of him and friends recording at the Sonic Ranch in Texas.

As Koe was still trying to make his way in music, much of that was in the more traditional country space.

There’s the awesome video of him covering Randy Rogers Band’s “Steal You Away” at a regional FFA competition in 2011, but one I always go back to his his cover of Jason Aldean’s “The Truth”.

Sitting by a pool table with his buddies in what I’m assuming is someone’s basement, Koe and put down a killer of Aldean’s 2010 hit (remember when he put out good music? Those were the days) and to this day I still would love a studio version of this one.

It just works so well with Koe’s voice.

Gotta love the classic comments on the video too…

“This guy is good he should try being a singer”

“My man needs to go to Taco Bell like 2 weeks after Valentines Day”

“If he would grow a beard and get more tattoos he might have a chance at being famous haha”

Gotta love it.

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