Santa Koe Delivers Three Christmas Songs You’ll Actually Want To Listen To With ‘Koe Wetzel Presents… Wetzel’s Wonderland’

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Move on over Mariah Carey… Santa Koe is here to save Christmas.

Koe Wetzel released his Koe Wetzel Presents… Wetzel’s Wonderland EP today, which features three versions of reimagined Christmas classics.

It includes holiday standards in Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas,” Bing Crosby’s “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” and Charles Brown’s “Please Come Home For Christmas,” which all have a bit of a country twist and updated production.

Obviously, these songs contain a bit of a different sound and subject matter than we’re used to hearing from the Texas rocker, but he always brings a very unique spin to everything he does, and I personally think it’s really damn fun and I enjoy the variety in terms of his larger catalog.

Yes, I think they’re all three Christmas songs you’ll actually want to listen to, and that’s saying a lot if you’re like me and don’t really love that kind of music, even this time of year.

I mean, just getting over that part is an accomplishment in and of itself, but I digress…

They’re all three pretty sad songs, which I obviously love too, and honestly, what stood out to me more than anything is just how good and smooth Koe’s voice sounded. I think it might be the best I’ve ever heard it, and it makes me more excited for when the time comes for the next album.

The easy standout is his rendition of “Please Come Home For Christmas,” which I’ve had on repeat, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. I never thought I’d say this about any sort of modern-day Christmas covers project, but I kinda wish we had more than three.

And in case anyone was wondering about some of the inspiration behind Koe Wetzel Presents… Wetzel’s Wonderland, do with this what you will and Merry Christmas, y’all:

You can check out all three reimagined tunes below, and I highly recommend doing so.

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas”

“Please Come Home For Christmas”

“Blue Christmas”


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