Morgan Wallen Says Post Malone Likes To Write Really Late At Night: “I Can’t Do That Three Nights In A Row”

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Post Malone must be a night owl.

Morgan Wallen did his first major media interview in over two years with Billboard, where he discussed his racial slur incident that occurred in 2021, and how he was more recently snubbed at the CMA Awards.

But possibly the most intriguing part of the interview came when Morgan talked about his relationship with superstar Post Malone, and how they’ve been writing together recently.

Posty was previously spotted in the studio with Morgan, Ernest, Luke Combs and more during his time in Nashville ahead of his performance at the CMA Awards with Morgan and Hardy last month.

As a surprise the night of the show, it was revealed that Posty is also featured on Hardy’s forthcoming Hixtape Vol. 3 album, and you might’ve already heard him on your local country radio station (if you still listen to the radio), as “Pickup Man” is officially a single at country radio:

In addition, we have confirmation that Post is also working on his own, original country album, and Morgan says he has some pretty unique writing habits as he’s seemingly helping pen some of the forthcoming tunes.

Morgan told Billboard that Posty likes to write “really, really late at night,” and he could only participate in the writing session for one night because it was too much.

Morgan revealed that Post doesn’t usually start until 10PM, and I guess that’s just the life of a rock star…

“[He] likes to write really, really late at night — and I can’t do that three nights in a row. I can do that one night. I can start about 5 p.m., but starting at 10 p.m. — that’s rough.”

I know I couldn’t do it either, but if that’s when Posty’s creative juices start flowing, I guess that’s just the process that works for him.

As one of the most widely recognized, successful musicians on the planet, it’s almost impossible to argue he should change it up now.

And speaking of Post Malone at the CMA Awards, I still stand by the fact that Posty stole the show… he can literally sing anything and I can’t wait to hear all of his original country songs:

“Pickup Man”

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