Woman Takes A Bowling Ball To The Dome In Brutal Miami Bowling Alley Brawl

bowling alley brawl

No one was spared in this bowling alley brawl.

What do you think of when a classic trip to your local bowling establishment comes to mind? For me, it’s the clattering and clanking of the pins, the smell of the shoe cleaner, and the worst $5 nachos (from a concession stand with no health rating) money can buy.

I’ve never thought of it as the perfect place to settle a dispute, that is unless you are squaring something away with a winner-take-all game of bowling. But I must be alone in thinking that, because the people in this unhinged video went all out striking one another with bowling balls. There’s no telling how many concussions and smashed toes came out of this bowling-ball-battle.

Before we get too far into it, I’ll give you a fair warning that the video is rather violent in nature. There’s a lot of potential head trauma shown, so if that kind of stuff bothers you, feel free to split before you press play on the video. For those that don’t mind diving into the gutter, please proceed.

There’s not a lot of explanation needed here. From the looks of it, a disagreement or former point of contention within a group escalated as they were at the bowling alley, and to put things simply, bowling balls were utilized as weapons. The lightest bowling ball most alleys carry is 6 pounds, and even that kind of weight could do some damage. With the form some of these balls were thrown with, I’ve got a feeling some heavier balls were being hurled.

And I know I’ve already worked in a “split” pun once so far, but I’ll go ahead and deploy another one. Splits in bowling are good, but splitting open your head while you are bowling is obviously bad. We hope the first woman that was hit with the bowling ball is okay, because she went down pretty hard after taking the bowling ball to the dome.

Take a look:

This went down in a bowling alley somewhere around Miami, Florida. Though the police were called, the people involved in the scary altercation were no longer on the scene when they arrived, and no arrests were made. That first throw, at least in my eyes, could easily warrant an assault charge.

As you might imagine, the video is circulating on social media, and those online simply can’t believe a bowling alley battle like this could happen:

Bowling legend Pete Weber certainly wouldn’t condone that kind of violent behavior at the bowling alley.

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