Tanya Tucker Rides Her Horse Down Broadway To Celebrate Opening Of New Nashville Pop-Up Bar

Tanya Tucker
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Ridin’ up and down Broadway on her ol’ stud Leroy…

Ok, the horse’s name isn’t Leroy, but Tanya Tucker did take her trusty steed for a ride down Broadway in Nashville today to celebrate the opening of her new pop-up bar.

The country music icon partnered with Nudie’s Honky Tonk for Tanya Tucker’s Tequila Cantina, a pop-up bar on the second floor of the downtown venue inspired by the legend herself.

The bar features Tucker’s own tequila brand, Cosa Salvaje, as well as a curated menu for guests to pair with the cantina-inspired cocktails.

And honestly it only makes sense that this would take place at Nudie’s, which is named for renowned tailor to the stars Nudie Cohn, whose rhinestone-emblazoned “Nudie suits” have been worn by artists like Elvis Presley, Porter Wagoner, Glen Campbell, ZZ Top, and of course, Tanya Tucker.

Tanya had previously expressed her excitement for the new venue:

“I’m over the moon about Tanya Tucker‘s Tequila Cantina. It’s been a dream for several years to join the big boys on Broadway and Bill and Shannon Miller are making it all possible. They’ve done what no one else could do and I am so grateful. I can’t wait for the grand opening on May 2. I will be there walking on air!!!!”

Well it turns out she wasn’t walking on air, but riding on a horse for the grand opening.

Tucker saddled up and took her horse, a black Friesian Stallion named Lauwe the Magnificent, down Broadway from Bridgestone Arena to Nudie’s, much to the delight of onlookers.

Imagine being drunk off your ass at 3pm in Nashville and seeing Tanya Tucker riding a horse down the street. What a sight.

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A beer bottle on a dock