Sea Of Thousands Of Reindeer Stop Traffic In Finland


Prepare to be mesmerized by a moving sea of reindeer.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this many of the same animal all at once. If you factor in the fact that these reindeer are also all moving in unison, it’s truly one of the coolest video’s I’ve ever seen. Hopefully you feel the same way when you check it out.

This footage is out of Lapland, Finland (I guess everything has to be “Something-Land” over there) where the reindeer apparently reign supreme. In all of Finland, the one area that is known for its reindeer population is Lapland. In fact, the reindeer actually outnumber the people that live in the region by about 20,000 (the total reindeer count is over 200,000).

Lapland is also known for its snow buildings. For those wanting to experience igloos, ice saunas, and even a snow hotel, Lapland is the place for you. Being that it’s a popular tourist region, having a traffic jam like this caused by the massive, sprawling reindeer population can cause some serious issues.

However, when this big of a herd of reindeer are running together, it can also truly be a spectacle. Parts of this video don’t even look real as it’s difficult to determine where one reindeer stops and another one starts. It’s as if they are all one moving sea of animal, and the tide just so happens to be taking them onto a main road in Lapland.

The great migration taking place in this clip never stops. For all we know, this steady stream of reindeer could still be flowing across the road and holding up traffic to this day. I think I can speak for everyone when I say I’d rather be held up in traffic caused by something like this over regular traffic issues any day of the week.

So go ahead and press play on this clip, then sit back and relax as the thousands of reindeer sprint down the hill and onto the flat roadway in front of cars. I don’t know why it’s relaxing, but it just is:

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